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Possibly one of the best adverts going.


Possibly one of the best adverts going.

here it was they talked of revolution, here it was they lit the flame; here they sang about tomorrow, and tomorrow never came.

It’s official. I’m a full-on cynic.
I have three options: hate life for eternity, become oblivious and fit in, or evaporate into thin air.
Leaning toward #3.

People on the Internet are fucking faceless cowards. Someone I know was mortally shot today, and people comment under the news story and say “Good, car dealers are assholes anyway”? A newborn baby’s dad?
Fuck you.
If that were my dad I would fucking skin you.
Enjoy hell.


Shall I compare dat ass to a summer’s day?


I’ll never understand why the UN thinks it has any power. It supposedly exists to prevent another world war, but it’s become nothing more a rag tag group of unelected, multi-ethnic, pseudo-intellectual progressives hell bent on micromanaging the lives of all they claim to represent (I just…

Austin: *as he cuddles up in a leopard print blanket* It's a ketty blanket... Made for ketties!
Me: What have I done to you...